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Neurological Research

The Performance Enhancement Group is currently engaged in a number of studies evaluating the efficacy of Light-Sound Therapy, Hemisynch, and various "flavors" of Neurofeedback.

Currently, the brain-related hardware under evaluation includes:

Neurofeedback Related

  • Biocomp 2010

  1. Neural-monitored exercise using the Orbital-360 & Wringoes Fall 2008 Research

  • Neurosky MindSet

  1. Neural-assisted Online Hold-Em Tournament Play - Fall 2008 Research

  2. NeuroSky Monitored Online Hold-Em Tournament Play - Fall 2009 Research

  3. NeuroSky Monitored Orbital-360 Exercise - Oct. 2009 Research

  4. Test-driving the MindSet at Locations: F3 & FC3


Light-Sound Related

  • Photosonix NovaPRO-100

  • Kasina - Mind Place


Two other units are under consideration for evaluation during the 2016 - 2017 timeframe. As more hardware becomes available we shall include that equipment in our inquiries.


For more information about our Neurological Research
 Contact: Ron Fitch

Telephone Ron at: (818) 216-5376

E-mail Ron at: RonFitch@PerformanceEnhancementGroup.Org