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Online Hold-em Tournament Poker

Part II

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Playing poker (whether it be online or at a live tournament in a casino hotel is a skill that requires the individual to main a balance of brain, mind and body.

Last year, as part of a product evaluation for the 2008 Neurosky EM Headset, Ron Fitch investigated the use of on-the-spot Neurofeedback during online Texas Hold-em tournament play. This year (fall 2009) ron has replicated that research using Neurosky's improved MindSet.

These pictures show 15 screens from actual play, showing you what cards were on the table along with an indication of Ron's ability to pay attention and/or relax at that moment in time. Click on each image (below) to see a larger graphic.

As with the 2008 research, Ron shows us that it is possible to be extremely focused AND relaxed at the same. It should come as no surprise that this is the exact state we want our brain to be in during sustained physical exercise. E-Mail us for further details.



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