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Orbital-360 and
Wringoes Exercise

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This is the remaining Brainmap displays from the work on October 17, 2008 with fitness trainer Michael Whitis.

Following 5 minutes of intensive EEG work using the Neurosky EM headset, Michael wrapped up the work with a 2nd EEG-monitored workout on the Orbital-360, followed by a brief workout with the new Wringoes exercise unit.

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Michael after 5 minutes of Neurofeedback

The following pair of 30-second brain snapshots were taken after Michael engaged in 5 minutes of Neurofeedback using the Neurosky EM-headset. Three exercises were done in the 5 minutes as follows:

  • 1.5 minutes of sustained FOCUS.

  • 1.5 minutes of sustained Meditation.

  • 2.0 minutes of sustained Focus + Meditation combined.

In this 30-second brain snapshot, notice that most of the Beta/Theta ratios (9 out of 12) increased. This is to be expected, as neurofeedback increases the bloodflood to areas surrounding the area being trained. In general, a more active brain is a good precursor to more coordinated physical exercise.


In this 30-second brain snapshot, notice that virtually all of the Alpha/Theta ratios (11 out of 12) have increased. Again, this is to be expected. At area [T3], we expect an Alpha/Theta drop, as Beta is more desireable here than is SMR.


Michael working out with the Orbital-360


Michael working out with the Wringoes



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