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Online Hold-em Tournament Poker

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This is a series of other poker plays made online in conjunction with the Neurosky EM unit.
As you can see, the combination of Concentration AND Relaxation seems to make for a more Quality playing Experience.

Having the Concentration and Meditation states more or less balanced out (at over 50%, individually) seems to be the key to optimal performance during Hold-em tournament play online. Empirically, it would seem that learning to entrain our brainwaves to certainy frequency-sets (i.e. windows) during online poker should translate out to live play; at least to some degree.

If you have any further questions on this research project, E-Mail us for further details.


The Other Night on Ultimate Bet (UB)
TigerKing Forced me to go All-IN. I WON the hand, despite my being in a non-relaxed state. (Sometimes A-A Wins in spite of our emotional state.)

Ace-10 is one of my FAVorite hands.
After considerable relaxed thought, I folded the hand.

Shopping for a Hand - this isn't it.

I thought 5-5 had a chance. It didn't so I folded the hand.

I went All-IN and ended up losing TWICE, no less.

Recovering from being knocked out, I start a new Tournament.

Mr Plumpkin tried to force me All-IN, so I folded the hand.

I'm switched to a different poker table. Time to regroup.

Here I am deciding whether or not to bluff Plumpkin.


Being knocked out in 655th Place out of 3,268 players.


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