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Neurofeedback tests

at locations F3 & FC3 with the

Neurosky Mindset headset

  A collaboration between

The Neurosky EM MindSet (headset), as produced in 2009 shows a lot of potential for Neurofeedback usage. Unfortunately, there is only one sensor, intended for EEG location FP1. The sensor can be moved higher on the forehead in a sort of arc to reach location AF3, and with the application of a dab of EEG paste, locations F3 and FC3 (near the motor cortex).

As an experiment, Ron Fitch ran some neurofeedback exercises, at locations F3 & FC3, to demonstrate the efficacy of the MindSet for this purpose. As you can see, I was able to influence these areas quite easily - a testament to the stability of the MindSet headset.

Again, Ron shows us that it is possible to be extremely focused AND relaxed at the same, altho how to accomplish that was different than doing neurofeedback at locations AF3 & FP1. Properly exercising these locations should be an aid to sustained physical exercise. E-Mail us for further details.

Training Location: F3

Training Location: FC3


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