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NeuroFeedback Training

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NeuroFeedback is a process where E-E-G sensors are pasted singly (and sometimes in Tri-point fashion) at various points on the scalp. The individual receives "feedback" from that area of the brain in the form of BARS or other images on the screen that they learn to influence by various methods of Focus and/or Relaxation. The feedback process in use at the Human Insights Group is based on the E-E-G evaluation formula of Beta and Theta brainwaves; which is:


Therefore, increasing the Beta or decreasing the Theta results in a larger Ratio. In general, as the bloodflow to a given area of the brain increases, the Beta/Theta ratio ALSO increases. With NeuroFeedback, bloodflow to individual areas of the brain can be influenced with active-engagement over time. In so doing, that area of the brain becomes more alive and able to function more efficiently.

Depending upon information gleaned from the Brainmap., in some cases, we have clients brain-train:



--- OR ---








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